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    Ты кто вообще?
    Команда форума
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    This server is a Unique product that combines real classics
    Lineage 2 C3 Rise of Darkness
    Revised content of Higher-level Chronicles.
    L2 C3 Alternative version is still the same small and cozy world of Elmore and Aden,
    With many additional innovations for both solo players and clans.

    Start date: 20.02.2020 at 19: 00 Moscow time

    Русское описание
    Basic description:​

    1. Server rates: x1 for all (Speaker EXP - SP).

    The higher the LVL of your character, the lower the rates will be.


    2. Max Level: 75

    3. Available professions:
    1 - Full quest.
    2 - full quest or short with payment 3кк.

    4.Getting a Sub Class is only a quest. (It is possible to perform an alternative version of the quest without passing to baium)

    5. Seven Sings - Standard cycle, according to the off server.

    6. Manor - according to the off server.

    7.Quests and rewards for them correspond to Chronicle C3.
    except for those that were changed/added to the description.

    8. NPC - Raid Boss, Monsters -correspond to Chronicle C3.
    correspond to Chronicle C3.

    9. Limit on loading more than two clients : 2 window (+ 2 window for donate).

    10. For newbie:
    The novice helper at 1,20,40 levels will give you a coupon to get weapons. Cannot be worn if your character has more than 1 PK.

    1. Classic Anventurer's Guide 1 to 40 lvl.


    1. Grand Olympiad:

    1.1 Cycle 30 day.
    1.2 Need: 2 proff and 40 lvl +.
    1.3 Reward: Hero glow, skills, olympiad token, cloak
    1.4 Olympiad Shop.

    2. Trade zone:

    1. Monster Derby Track (MDT)
    2. Free teleport all town and village.
    3.Liders Race and Classes.
    1. The rating involved the characters are 40+ LVL and having a second profession.
    2. Each character has its own rating based on a variety of factors (LVL, equipment, sharpening, and more).
    the higher the character's rating, the higher it is in the leaderboard statistics.
    3. there are only 5 Leaders in the race, 31 in the Classes, the Character can be both the leader of the race and the class.
    4. Reward: Leaders get a Glow, a Colored nickname, the Ability to use Hiro chat (with a PostScript to the message LR, LC), and a Cape.
    5. 7-day Cycle.



    4. Random task:

    1. by Typing a command in the chat .gettask, your character will get a task to kill random monsters +-3-5 LVL from your level, after killing all the monsters on this task, you will get a reward.
    2. Awards: With a chance, you can get Gettask Coin and various consumables, crystals, buff cans, Aden, and more.
    3. Cancel a random task .declinetask
    4. you can Get a random task an unlimited number of times a day.
    PS. Be careful! - canceling a random task will negatively affect your rating.
    Important! Before entering the command .gettask open the map, it will display a flag with the location of the monster.



    5. Solo Daily zone.

    Solo Daily is a zone that only you and no one else can get into.
    After you enter solo Daily you are given 20 minutes to kill as many mobs generated inside as possible. After 20 minutes in the center of the room will pop out NPC, talk to him, he will give you a prize depending on the grade.

    For Solo Daily Coin - you can buy a temporary epic for 7 days and much more.

    How to get there:
    Access is open to all characters. Party daily and solo is updated at 6: 30 am, and does not depend on the time when you entered. In other words, you can log in to the Daily Zone half an hour before the update and then log in again after the update.
    You can only visit solo daily once a day , just like a regular party daily. However, if you have been killed and the time is not yet up, you can log in again.

    The entrance is via an npc: Pathfinder

    Located in the cities listed below.

    The entrance and mobs:

    20~30 Mobs: undear
    25~35 Mobs: Humanoid (orcs)
    20~30 Mobs: undear
    25~35 Mobs: Humanoid (orcs)
    30~40 Mobs: undear
    30~40 Mobs: undear
    35~45 Mobs: Humanoid (orcs)
    40~50 Mobs: humanoid
    35~45 Mobs: Humanoid
    40~50 Mobs: Humanoid
    45~55 Mobs: Humanoid
    50~60 Mobs: Humanoid
    45~55 Mobs: Humanoid
    50~60 Mobs: Humanoid
    55~65 Mobs:
    divine (ангелы)
    60~70 Mobs: demons

    55~65 Mobs: divaine angel
    60~70 Mobs: demons
    65~75 Mobs: Humanoid

    6. Party Daily zone.

    Enhanced Analog of Solo Daily - only for parties from 4 to 9 people.
    Please note, to get into any of the further listed Party Daily, all party players must not differ in their LVL by more than 5 levels from the party level.

    How to get there: in the cities listed below, next to the NPC Pathfinder , there is a Captain.
    (Names may differ depending on the city).


    24-34 lvl34-44 lvl44-54 lvl64-64 lvl64-70 lvl70-75 lvl

    6. New pets:

    Cougar, Buffalo, Kookaburra-quests are available for 24-26 LVL.
    At 55 LVL, you can turn your baby Cougar, Buffalo, Kookaburra into a grown-up pet.
    These Pets are able to heal, restore MP, as well as bafat their owner.

    7. Rare armor (Masterwork): B and A - grade.
    Rare armor is an improved version of the existing one, obtained by crafting. 3% chance.
    Removing the effect from the blacksmith's mammon. ((Top (full body) - RAR does not exist!)

    7.1. Rare Weapons (Masterwork): B and A - grade.
    A rare weapon is an improved version of an existing one, obtained by crafting. 3% chance.
    Also, with the help Of the sphere of Sir: Rank B and rank A, you can turn ordinary weapons into rare ones.
    The sphere is inserted by the Manager of the Olympiad, and the effect is Removed by the blacksmith's mammon.

    8. Doube Craft:
    Chance - 3 %.

    9. Raid Bosses - P def - M def:
    RB protection characteristics are optimized to the maximum, which allows you to kill them both by mages and physical classes.

    10. exchange, more information

    11. The mechanics of the abilities of characters:
    Completely redesigned, the maximum balance of classes.
    The list of skills is expanded (comparable to the Chronicles of HF).

    12.Report System:
    In the Community Board (ALT+B), you can send an error report, a bot complaint, and more.

    13. Anti-Bot system:
    Response time: 60 seconds.

    14. Pailaka: Solo instancestance
    It is a chain task to kill monsters, mini RB.
    On the server there are 2 paylaki: 36-42 LVL, 73-75 LVL. EXP/SP award.
    Each of the paylak can be completed only once.

    15. Epic costume jewelry
    There is no classic Epic costume jewelry, all the characteristics of costume jewelry have been changed.
    All epic costume jewelry NG, M Def is higher than top a costume jewelry and has the following bonuses.

    Earring of AntharasRing of BaiumEarring of ZakenRing of Queen AntEarring of OrfenRing of Core
    MP +37, +1 STR, +1 INT.MP +21, +1 DEX, +1 WIT.MP +31, +1 CON.MP +21, +1 DEX.MP +31, +1 MEN.MP +21, +1 WIT.

    16. Chests:

    All keys that existed in the game no longer open treasure chests, you can sell them to any NPC merchant. Now you will need the Item item to open the chests Master Key (80 to 10% chance) or the ability to Open. Item the Master Key is sold in Retail Stores in all localities, or it can be called using the ability to Summon the Treasure Call on the Key of the Treasure. Treasure chests may come to You quite unexpectedly, so always keep the Item ready Master Key . You can't kill a treasure chest. Respawn from 2 to 7 hours (random +-30 minutes), depending on the grade.

    Reward: in Addition to zatochek, there is ~ 3-5% chance to pull out three types of "Bags" from which you can get a chance to D-C-B-A weapon (depending on the level of the chest).


    Beginner Adventurer's Treasure Sack #1

    Branch of Life, Scalpel, Crafted Dagger, Bagh-Nakh, Bone Staff, Assassin Knife, Saber, Hand Axe, Trident, Heavy Mace, Strengthened Bow, Bich'Hwa, Maingauche, Crucifix of Blood, Winged Spear, Sword of Revolution, War Pick, Morning Star, Goat Head Staff, Tarbar, Heavy Bone Club, Strengthened Long Bow, Skull Breaker, 1000а.


    Experienced Adventurer's Treasure Sack #2

    Battle Axe, Orcish Glaive, Stormbringer, Stick of Faith, Crystal Staff, Crystallized Ice Bow, Mysterios sword, Cursed Dagger, Saber*Elven Long Sword, Heavy Doom Hammer, Flamberge, Chakram, Great Sword, Stormbringer*Samurai Long sword, Great Axe, Dark Elven Long Bow, Keshanberk, Arthro Nail, Kris, Sword of Valhalla, Hell Knife, Spirit's Staff, Spell Breaker, Heavy War Axe, 2000а.


    Great Adventurer's Treasure Sack #3

    Halberd, Keshanberk*Keshanberk, Tallum Blade, Bloody Orchid, Blood Tornado, Carnage Bow, Infernal Master, Meteor Shower, Elemental Sword, Destroyer Hammer, Dasparion's Staff, 3000а.


    30 - lvl33 - lvl36 - lvl39 - lvl42 - lvl45 - lvl48 - lvl51 - lvl
    Excution GroundsPartisan's HideawayAlligator IslandHardin's AcademyPlains of the LizarmenThe Forest of MirrosThe CemeteryForsaken Plains
    54 - lvl57 - lvl60 - lvl63- lvl66- lvl69- lvl72- lvlКол-во
    Outlaw ForestField of MassacreThe Forbidden
    Dragon ValleyAntharas' LairAntrahas' NestBlazzing SwampПо 8 шт каждого лвл.

    17. Bonuses for ONLINE
    Every 20 minutes spent online on your character will be awarded 1-Pc Bang Points (PVP), There is a chance to get 2 PBP. For PBP, you can buy useful items for your character.(does not apply to offline).

    18. Antiscam sytem - more information

    19. Sub skills

    Conditions that must be met to get sub skills.

    You must have a special book to study the skill that you will be given only if the character is in a state of subclass:

    General: Certificate — New skills and Master's Skills

    Specialized: Certificate-Summoner \ Healer Skills \ Warrior \ Knight \ Caster \ Robber \ Wizard.

    You must complete the quest: Quest More Than Meets the Eye.

    You can learn the skill while in the main profa state. The entire procedure is aimed at improving the characteristics of the basic profession.

    Learn more about skills.

    The player will get one passive skill at levels 65 and 70.


    A sub class that has reached level 75 faces a choice that cannot be changed. You choose between skills and unique skills of the chosen specialization.


    Profile skills of game classes.

    (Summoner Class)


    (Healer Class)


    (Warrior Class)


    (Knight Class)


    (Enchanter Class)


    (Rogue Class)


    (Wizard Class)




    Below is the entire list of events available for launch


    Commands in game:



    Premium accaunt.
    Accessories, hats.
    Two sets of Buffs scrolls for war and Maga.
    Rune EXP/SP - 1 and 5 hours.
    Two premium Pets for mage and war (serves exclusively for buff, MP/HP recovery).
    The ability to increase the number of game Windows launched from two to four.

    Frequently asked question:

    Question: what is the resp of epics?

    Queen Ant36 hours17 hours
    Core60 hours23 hours
    Orfen48 hours20 hours
    Zaken60 hours20 hours
    Baium7 days2 days
    Antharas11 days3 days

    Question: Is there A quest for noblesse?
    Answer: This quest is not available, you do not need nubles to participate in the Olympiad.

    Question: what cities and their surroundings are available on the server?
    Answer: Gludo, Dion, Giran, Heine, Oren, Hunters Village, Eden.
    (Goddard, Aden and Rune of in no Chronicles.)

    Question: Are there any catacombs?
    Response: Yes, there is.

    Question: is there a festival?
    Response: Yes, there is. The minimum group size is 5 characters.

    Question: What is the maximum grade on the server?
    Response: A grade.

    Question: castles are available for siege?
    Answer: Gludio, Dion, Innadril, Giran, Oren, Aden.

    Question: what are the epics on the server?
    Answer: Ant Queen, Orfen, Core, Zaken, Baium, Antharas.

    Question: Is there a rift?
    Answer: no.

    Question: is there fishing?
    Response: No.

    Question: Is there a system of elements, attributes of weapons, armor?
    Response: No.

    Question: Is there a bonus from sharpening sets to +6?
    Response: Yes, there is.

    Question: are there any transformation scrolls?
    Response: No.

    Question: is there a Herb drop ?
    Response: No.

    Question: Are there any talisman on the server?
    Response: No.

    Question: when sharpening armor from +4, does the HP indicator increase?
    Answer: Yes, it increases.

    Question: Can I sharpen my skills?
    Answer: No.

    Question: Do heroes have Hero skills?
    Answer: Yes.

    Question: are There drop things from the character when killed by mobs ?
    Answer: There are.

    Question: Is there a Life stone?
    Answer: Yes.

    Q: are there any Shirts ?
    Answer: No.

    Question: are there any belts ?
    Answer: No.

    Question: How many levels can be merged character, to remained skills?
    Answer: when lowering the level by 10 less than the required skill, the skill is removed.

    Question: will there be a Territorial war (TV)?
    Answer: Yes, they will. Reward changed.

    Question: will there be a siege of the FORTS, clan hall?
    Response: Yes, they will. Reward changed.

    Question: When do server restarts occur?
    Response: Every day at 6.00 Moscow time.

    Question: What is the maximum enchanting on the server?
    Answer: +20.

    Important! The description may change before the server starts!
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