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Grand Opening: 19.11.2021 18:00 (UTC +03:00)


  • Chronicle: Rise of Darkness C3.
  • Official planform: PTS.
  • Rates: dymanic rates for EXP x0.5-x0.1, all rates х1.
  • Server Development: Stages.

This server is a classic chronicle of Lineage 2 C3 Rise of Darkness, as well as author's additions for a more dynamic and diverse game.​

Server Features:
  • Beginner's buff from level 2 to 40.
  • Box limit: 3.
  • Olympiad 40 level (you need 2 professions).
  • Stages for controlling the level of server characters.
  • Trade zone MDT (Free teleport)
  • All raid bosses aggressive.
  • Global chat trade/shout (limit time 30 sec).
  • Changed the rewards of many initial quests (link).
  • Increased basic Hp/MP regen of all physical classes/orc mystics.
  • Bonuses from +6 sets (link).
  • Added clan academy and clan skills.
  • Added quest A Clan's Reputation.
  • Added clan hall TI,DE,EV.
  • Exchange for trading between players in your personal account.
  • Manor disabled.
  • Shadow and common coupon disabled..
  • Changed characteristics: Ring of Core and Earring of Orfen (B grade).
  • Earring Antharas, Earring Zaken, Ring of Baium (A grade).
  • Offline trade - price 1 adena.
  • Added the ability to upgrade weapons of the same type from top NG to best D for adena in the weapons store. In all cities above gludio.
  • The possibility of exchanging equivalent weapons from mammon is not available.
  • Added a free teleport from the start locations to Gludin and back.
  • The maximum difference in the level with the mob for dropping and getting an exp is 9 levels.
  • The penalty for loss of experience at death has been reduced by 10 times.
  • Bonus for owner castle clan ''link".
  • Other Features: link.
Features of chronicles:
  • Max level : 75.
  • Subclass enabled (full quest).
  • Noblesse disabled.
  • 3 professions disabled.
  • Max best town Aden.
  • Rift disabled.
  • Best grade: А.

Number Stages Level Time
Rate EXP Monster / RB​
First1-39~2-3 week
Second40-51~1 month
Third52-60~1.5 month
Fourth61-69~2 month
Fifth70-75not limit

The duration of the stages is a conditional indicator. The time can be changed depending on the average level of the bulk of the players playing. The higher the level of your character, the lower the rates.
Ps: The rate exp, depend on the monsters you hunt.

Modified mechanics:
  • Pole 1 target to 20 lvl, 4 each to 40 and 8 each - 40+.
  • Skill Aggression, starting from level 13, 40+ tanks do not require mp.
  • Skill Guts and Frenzy they are activated when the HP is less than 30% of the maximum, the duration is 30 seconds. Acts on the bow.
  • Trick/Switch they work for the characters.
  • Aggression bards/tanks works for characters in pvp.
  • Dark Elven Dagger, Stiletto, Crystal Dagger, Demon's Sword, have СА Mortal Strike.
  • All weapon need 1 consume shot/spirit shot for mage and warrior. Archers 2 consume.
  • Sammons do not consume EXP .
  • Sammons consume only spirit ore (except for siege).
    The cost of shots for sammons is reduced by half.
  • Eminence bow, Bow of peril, Soul bow, Great pata, Dragon Grinder, Bellion Cestus, Dragon Slayer: have CA Focus.
  • Added all prof tanks skill Great protection 1-4 lvl, studied at 40, 56, 64, 74 levels. Acting on the party. Adds resistance to Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness and Light, and also from 6 to 15% of physical defence. (dont working for olympiad)
  • Added costume jewelry:
    Grade B Ring of Сore: +5% P and M attack, +6% atk speed and m cast speed.
    Grade B Earring of Orfen: 5% magical and physical defense
  • Corrected the balance of daggers TH,PW,AW.
  • Added CA Critical Stun in all pole it was replaced by Haste. Halberd have СА Focus.
  • Cycle: 1 week.
  • Daily from 20.00 to 24.00.
  • There are no class fights.
  • For participation and victory you get Olympiad gold. (Olymp shop)
  • For the Olympiad token, you can purchase sharpeners.
  • More detailed information link.
Castle sieges:
  • Cycle: once every 2 weeks.
  • Gludio is available for siege for characters up to level 51.
  • Dion is available for siege to characters up to level 60.
  • The other locks are unchanged.
  • Max best castle aden.
General information:
  • Seven seals: a period of 2 weeks.
  • Catacombs are available from the start without registration.
  • All epic bosses are alive from the start.
  • Epic Boss respawn is standard.
Game shop:
  • Premium rune+30% exp sp drop/spoil adena aa rb drop. (Valid only for one character)
  • Accessories / jewelry.
  • Mark for the first/ second profession.
The description can be changed or supplemented at any time.
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